Brian Martell & Ricky O'Neal fully dedicate themselves to you whether you are needing to sell or  purchase your next home. Their passion and customer service prevails with all, check out what some clients have to say! 

Virginia S.

 "I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help selling our house. I've never dealt with a real estate agent that worked harder, or that was as knowledgeable about market conditions and real estate practices.  I appreciate all the effort you took to market the house in multiple ways, via Internet, print, and through the use of the other agents in your office. We believe that you were the reason our house sold in a short timeframe at a very fair price. I would also like to thank you for being so generally helpful, supportive and a non-anxious presence in a really difficult time.
Thanks again."

Marilee W.

 “Basically, they were AWESOME. Ricky and Brian would fill in for each other when busy and they both exceeded all of our expectations. They were fast to solve any of our obstacles and soothed our nerves. And, they know what to do to get your home sold, FAST.

George S.

 “#1 In the sales business. Everyone tries to find the most honest representatives that will give you the real story; after a couple of days Ricky had great credibility with me. I would hire him for my own business. He was able to turn a lot of no’s into maybes, then those maybes into yes’s with his determination. You can tell that his focus is getting the job done and caring about those on both sides.  He is innovative, creative and friendly, but also professional, keeping me on board throughout the entire process.”

Rebecca S.

“I cannot sing the praises loud enough. Ricky and Brian are amazing professionals. They come totally prepared with all the statistics and photos to back up the numbers, but will make you feel as comfortable as your closest friend (first visit!)! Ricky is soft spoken and extremely thoughtful-don’t let that fool you; he remembers what you like and want and can converse on any subject you wish. It must be very difficult when trying to meet the approval level for two people at the same time-both talking at the same time!! Oh my goodness! Always calm and attentive; he made the entire house buying and selling process feel like ‘time to get together, strategize, and shop. I know they have too many clients to count, all wanting them at the same time. Customer service is the most difficult industry, but coupled with what is at stake for people when buying and selling their home, the stress level is over the top. They make it look easy and keep thing relaxed. They both are the ‘no pressure’ kind of agents, yet everything happens very quickly. Sadly, when the papers are signed and the sale is final, you won’t want to say farewell; at this point, they are family.”

Mike & Jessica

 “Great experience and very accommodating! Even though my home was a small, older house, Ricky never shorted any amount of effort while working with me. He could have been working with million dollar homes, yet never gave me any less service. This alone says so much about him as a person; to put no shortness of time or energy into my property, much better than my last agent. We highly recommend him.”

Greg & Ashley H.

 “Brian and his team did an excellent job selling our home during a very difficult time. We thought we were going to have to declare bankruptcy, but Brian and his team of experienced professionals stepped in and gave us outstanding results! We surely place him at the top of our  ‘Most Referred’ list!” 

Judy S.

 “My situation was very tenuous and Ricky was extremely personable and sensitive toward me. Living in my home for 35 years was difficult to part with; I raised my children there, so it was not an emotionally easy process. He was very compassionate but he was always professional and understanding. When I was moving he even offered to help with boxes or packing, so it meant the world to me!”

Bradley and Christina V.

"Break out the champagne!  We absolutely will refer you to friends and family…Keep in touch but great job guys and thank you for your efforts!"